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Long term car rental in Cape Town:

No matter if you are a foreign Student, doing your practical year as a medical doctor or you are working as an intern at one of the top Cape Town law firms, if you stay in Cape Town for a period of 2 weeks or longer, you will want to see all the sights of the Cape Peninsula. A reliable Rental car is a great alternative to buying a car, using Taxis or taking an Uber.

  • Safety First
    All our rental cars are in excellent condition, well maintained and clean.
    Our rental fleet is serviced in our professional workshop on a regular basis, because the safety of our clients comes first.
  • Minimum Rental period of 2 weeks
    At Rentals 4 U, we do long term car rentals the right way. With a minimum period of a 2 week rental period, we ensure that your transport will not be something to worry about while enjoying your time in the Mother City.
  • Cost effective and fuel efficient vehicles on offer
    The vehicles that we have in our fleet have been proven to offer lower rental rates and are fuel-efficient, therefore ensuring you get value for your money with quality vehicles.
  • Value Added services
    All of our rental agreements include comprehensive insurance, giving you peace of mind that during the rental period, if anything had to happen, you would be comprehensively covered. Included with the comprehensive rental insurance, all of our rental agreements come with roadside assistance, thus ensuring that if anything has to happen to you or your car, you can give us a call and we will be on site to ensure that you and your vehicle are taken care of.
  • Peace of mind rentals
    Cape Town has some great areas to visit and some not so great areas, much as it is in any city, at Rentals 4 U we are happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding any safety concerns, thus helping put your mind at ease.



Long-term car rental experts 4 U!

Rental Cars

Rentals4U Car Rental fleet consists of 3 different vehicle-types:

  • Our Vison of car rentals in Capetown and Stellenbosch

    Our Vision - To be the preferred long term car rental company in the Cape Town and Stellenbosch area.

    We are a customer centric car hire company that is committed to providing you with the most exceptional service. Providing long term car hire rental opportunities in the Cape Town and Stellenbosch area, our business model is far from being a mere concept. Our mandate is to honour our promises and make your car rental experience something to remember.

    Have a look through the 6 factors that we value to ensure that all of our clients receive the best service during their rental period with our company:

    1. A-Class Fleet

    Our cars are spotlessly clean and in an excellent, roadworthy condition. We stick to international standards and will never compromise on quality. We are simply obsessed with excellence!

    2. Value for money

    On average, we are 15% cheaper than our competitors in Cape Town. Should you get a better offer from our competitors on the same car and insurance, we will do our best to make you a better deal.

    3. Free Additional Driver

    We pride ourselves on our flexibility and offer a free second driver option which is inclusive in your rental package. You just need to provide us with the particulars of the additional driver upon pickup.

    4. All Comprehensive Insurance Cover

    Renting with us means that you automatically have a full comprehensive insurance package. This reduces your financial liability when it comes to the excess payment if you happen to be in an accident. We pride ourselves on this selling point as with many other rental companies, comprehensive insurance is an extra cost for the renter to cover.

    5. 24 hours Roadside Assistance

    Our cars come with 24/7 roadside assistance available to you in case of a mechanical hreakdown.

    6. Non Smoking

    All Rentals4U cars are strictly non-smoking.


    Who can rent a car in South Africa?

    Anyone who is 21 years of age and older or has a driver’s license that has been valid for a minimum of 3 years, can rent a car in Cape Town.

    What are the benefits of renting a car for a long period of time?

    • Short or long-term rentals available. This means you have the freedom to go wherever you want to without having to wait for an uber or depend on someone else for a lift. You are operating with total independence.
    • Comprehensive insurance guaranteed as an extra value added service with all of our rentals
    • 24/7 roadside assistance to provide you with that extra piece of mind
    • First additional driver free of charge

    If you are interested in renting a car in Cape Town, please be advised to book well in advance; especially between the high season which is in October and April.

    South African Streets: What to Expect?

    In South Africa, you drive on the left-hand side of the road. It may seem intimidating, but after a few days you will gain confidence to navigate the city of Cape Town. The general speed limits are 60km/h on a public road within an urban area; 100km/h on a public road outside an urban area, which is not a freeway; and 120km/h on a freeway. The use of cell phones while driving is only permitted with a headset or hands-free technology. Please be aware of animals and pedestrians crossing streets, especially on freeways after dark. Driving under the influence of any drugs or substances is a criminal offense in South Africa.

    Long-Term Car Rentals: Why this will work for you!

    Are you planning to stay a few weeks or months in Cape Town? Are you migrating to Cape Town and need a reliable car? If yes, then a long-term car hire with Rentals4U is the ideal solution. When you rent a car for longer than 6 weeks, you will get a special discount. This is why it will work well for you:

    • Rentals4U is centrally located in the trendy suburb of Vredehoek, within close proximity to the city centre, V&A Waterfront, with easy access to freeways that link you to the rest of the city
    • Free mileage within a 200km radius around Cape Town
    • Monthly payment options available for long-term rentals
    • No credit card needed
    • Reliable and customer oriented service
    • Safe and dependable cars

    Do you have questions about renting a car in Cape Town? We would be happy to send you a free quotation. We also have fun activities that we recommend during your stay in Cape Town, for an unforgettable experience in South Africa’s mother city!

    Terms and Conditions when renting a car with Rentals 4 U:


    The rental car comes with a comprehensive insurance package (incl. 3rd party cover) that has a maximum excess of:

    • Hyundai Atos - R4000 (ZAR)
    • Hyundai i10 range - R5000 (ZAR)
    • 3rd party damages - R1500 (ZAR) (flat 3rd party excess)

    The insurance package covers accidents, damages, break in and theft. The insurance package does not cover accidents which occur while under the influence of alcohol over the allowed legal speed limit. South Africa does not apply the concept of compulsory 3rd party damage insurance, like most other countries in the world. This can lead to situations where someone has caused an accident but they are not insured and cannot pay for the damages caused. In these circumstances the renter of the car takes over this risk (spread of risk) and will be liable for those damages up to the stipulated excess. The 3rd party liability cover is up to ZAR 5 Million


    All vehicle rentals need to be collected and returned at the following address:

    36 Clifford Avenue, Disapark, Vredehoek, Cape Town, 8001.
    (Unless prior arrangement has been made regarding a pick-up / drop off point)

    We work on appointment only and pickup and return times must be arranged beforehand. Standard pickup time is 12pm or later. If the car needs to be collected before 12pm then special arrangements need to be made and agreed on. The rental car needs to be returned by 12pm on the return date. We can offer any airport pick-up and drop offs on request. The car needs to be returned refuelled and in a clean (inside and outside) condition. If the car is returned in an unclean state, we charge R150 (ZAR) cleaning fee. Costs for the removal of massive stains on seats etc are charged separately. For refuelling we charge the current fuel price as well as an additional R100 (ZAR) refuelling fee.


    Rental periods up to 2 weeks:

    • Payments are payable upfront in full.
    • Rental periods in excess of 2 weeks:
    • Monthly payments can be arranged.
    • We offer the following payment methods:
      1. Cash
      2. EFT (National or International bank transfer)
      3. Credit / Debit card (+5% surcharge)

    If you receive a fine during the period of hiring period of one of our vehicles, the following additional payments will be added:

    • R150 (ZAR) handling fee will be added to the fine amount for settling the fine with the South African traffic department
    • NAG fines with a compulsory court appearance will have a surcharge fee of R1500 (ZAR) per fine, as well as the actual court ordered fine amount. (These fines are issued when a car is in excess of 30km/h of the allowed speed limit. This is seen as dangerous and reckless driving)

    The rental package comes with unlimited km car hire. However, there is teritorial use limit. What this means is that the car is limited to travel within a 200km radius of the Cape Town Convention Centre. If you are traveling outside of this area, then the comprehensive insurance will become null and void and any costs incurred for vehicle damages will become the responsibility of the hirer to pay. For an additional fee of R1000 (ZAR) per month, the radius can be extended from 200km to 750km per month.


    The renter can lodge the security deposit of R4000 / R5000 (ZAR) with credit card where the amount will be pre-authorised/blocked for the duration of the rental agreement as well as the window period of three months thereafter (this is to ensure that all outstanding fines will be accounted for and settled). Unfortunately one is unable to pre authorise on a debit card, therefor if no credit card is available, the full amount will have to be deducted from the debit card and refunded to the debit card once the holding period is completed.


    While no specific skill level is required to hire our vehicles, the minimum age to hire a vehicle is 21 years and older. This applies to the nominated 2nd driver too. If an accident occurs with the hired vehicle and the driver of the vehicle at the time is not the nominated driver or the 2nd driver, and the person is below the age of 21, the person who has hired the vehicle will be held liable for the accident costs. No one with a learners licence is allowed to operate our vehicles either.


    For a confirmed booking we will require a booking deposit of R1000 (ZAR). Payment of the booking deposit will be possible via credit card or bank transfer. For credit card payments we will send a Payfast payment link. The 5% surcharge for credit card payment is not applicable for the booking deposit.


    All bookings can be cancelled 30 days before the commencement of the rental agreement. The cancellation fee will be R300 (ZAR). Cancellations shorter than 30 days will forfeit the booking deposit fee.